Join in the Fun for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Join in the Fun for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Join in the Fun for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Ladies and gentlemen, puppers and doggos of the UK; your attention, if you please!
It is National Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday 23rd June, which means pet parents up and down the country will be making their journey to work with their beloved pooches by their sides. This makes for an extra special passage into the weekend as your furry friend sits by your side while you attempt to carry out your daily tasks.

While the day sounds like good fun, there are some considerations to make to ensure the day isn’t too stressful for your pooch.
Firstly, never leave without an engraved dog tag, especially when venturing somewhere new. Then your work colleagues can easily see his or her name when your dog trots around to say hi. 

Why Take Your Dog to Work?

Companies have been taking part in Take Your Dog to Work Day since 1996, with the day founded to remind us of the unbreakable bond between human and canine. The day was also brought about by the charity Pet Sitters International in an attempt to save puppies from rescue shelters.
The day is always held on the first Friday after the 19th June, making for an excellent and fun way to end the working week, as well as supporting a worthwhile cause.

Precautions for Taking Your Dog to Work

Of course, not everyone works in an environment that is suitable for animals. For example, if you work in a factory then it is best to leave your dog at home, and possibly invite all of your colleagues to meet up for a drink with all of their pets in the spirit of the day.
Before taking your dog out for the day, you should take the same precautions as you would for any normal work. This means ensuring your dog is wearing their pet tag, have a lead, treats and a water bowl, on the account they will be out of the house for most of the day.

Socialising is Important

If other colleagues are taking part in Take Your Dog to Work Day, which hopefully they are, it is a good chance for your dog to socialise with others. This is especially important if they do not live with other animals.
Dogs are not that dissimilar to humans, requiring the need to regularly socialise in order to maintain and improve social skills, as well as being good for their mental health.
Remember that when you take your dog to work, you are introducing them to a foreign place for them, so make sure that give them an extra amount of love and affection to reassure them, and they will soon come out of their shell in front of your colleagues!