Terms & Conditions

Our systems are automated, so the shipping information provided will be printed on the envelope as entered, and the customisation details provided will be engraved on the tag.  The order confirmation, sent immediately after the order has been submitted, shows the exact information entered, and must be accepted as proof of what was ordered.

Customised tags cannot be returned for refund, unless the mistake is ours. If we have sent you the wrong tag, we will send a replacement within 24 hours.

Very rarely, tags may be put into the wrong envelope, and sent to the wrong customer.  If you receive somebody else's tag, we apologise, and request you contact us by email to advise us.  We will send a replacement tag within 24 hours and will ask you to dispose of the incorrect tag.

If you make a mistake when ordering, we are not able to offer a free replacement, but will offer a 25% discount on a new tag.  Please be careful when entering engraving details, especially if using a mobile phone or tablet.

eZeClips can be returned, in original unused condition, for a refund.

Please see our Corrections and Replacements page for more information.