About Our Products

Our Aluminium Tags are made from 100% anodised aluminium.  Anodising makes the metal harder and a coating also helps durability.

Our Brass Tags are made from 65 environmentally friendly solid brass.  A plating transparent coating is applied to slow down the oxidisation process. 

Our Stainless Steel Tags are made from 304 stainless steel and are mirror polished.  Stainless Steel are the most durable tags.

Our Design Tags are made from brass with the front design coated in epoxy for more durability. 

Our Fashion Tags are made from bronze, consisting mainly of copper and tin.

Our Kennel Club and Crufts Tags are made from a mixture of zinc alloy, brass and iron. They are nickel plated with epola for a high gloss, smooth glassy finish.

Our Bling Tags are made from bronze, consisting mainly of copper and tin.  The crystals are genuine Swarovski crystals.

Our Smart Tags are made from stainless steel.  The QR code is printed in metalic black and covered with epoxy for protection.

Our eZeClips are made from Aluminium.

While we include a strong, steel split ring with every tag, eZeClips make attaching and removing tags much easier, and will save your fingernails!  Handy for using more than one collar or removing the tag at home.  Do not allow pets to wear eZeClips when they are playing and rumbling, or when left in a crate, as it may cause injury.

Tags worn by animals fade or deteriorate for many reasons.  The most common reason is because the tag has rubbed against wet fur on a regular basis, without being cleaned and dried. We recommend Stainless Steel tags for more active dogs who swim.  Brass tags are much softer and do not withhstand rubbing very well.  Keeping a brass tag clean and dry, with the occasional polish, should help it last longer.  Bling tags should not be worn during periods of high activity and are best kept for special occasions. If your tag does fade, just contact us by email, and we'll replace it.  See our Corrections and Replacements page for more information.

Our Bow Wow Meow Smart tag is enabled with a QR Code. This can be scanned using the camera from most smart phones.  The unique code can also be entered at our website, providing access to your pet's profile and any contact details or important information you have shared to help reunite you with your lost pet as quickly as possible.  The pet's profile page is found at www.retrievemypet.com where you can find more information.

The Smart Tag is not a GPS tag. It has a QR Code which can provide the location of where the tag is scanned. The person who scanned the tag will have access to the details in the profile you have shared and can contact you. In order for the correct location to be sent, the person who scanned the tag must allow their location to be shared when requested by their phone.  When the tag is scanned a notification is sent instantly to the pet's profile, where all scans are recorded on the page. The location is also sent in an email to the email address shared in the profile.

If you require tags in bulk and are a trade customer, please register for a trade account on the home page.

About Engraving

The Control of Dogs Order (1992) mandates that all dogs in public places must wear ID that includes the owner's surname and address.  The house number and postcode will suffice.  However, if your dog participates in Kennel Club training or awards programs, the full address is required.  We suggest taking advantage of our 25% multiple order discount and purchasing a second stainless steel or brass tag that will have more space for the full address, which your dog can wear on these occasions.  A phone number is optional, but sensible. You might also like to add ‘Microchipped’ and/or ‘Spayed’ (to deter theft) if there is enough room.

Yes, the text will be centred vertically and horizontally on the tag.

Unfortunately our systems are automated and therefore we are unable to include font selections for engraving through our website.  If you wish to have special engraving, please email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk for pricing.

Occasionally we may change the layout of your engraving due to the shape of the tag and the amount of text and characters you request for each line.

Please see our Engraving Guide here.

No, we are not able to engrave over any designs on the front of a tag.  We can only engrave on both sides of plain tags such as stainless steel, brass or aluminium.

About Ordering

If you need to change anything on your order please email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk before 9am Monday to Sunday. We check all emails for changes before we start engraving.

We engrave seven days a week so if you want to change anything on your order please email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk before 9am.  Once engraved we can't make any changes, but we can offer you a 25% discount if you wish to reorder.  Just email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk and let us know your order number.

We send the order confirmation to the email address provided, as soon as the order is submitted.  If you have not received an order confirmation, check your junk folder.  If the email address you provided on your order has a mistake, you will not receive the order confirmation.  If you can't find your order confirmation, email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk.

All tags come with a strong steel split ring.  These are extremely strong and can be difficult to attach. They can more easily be attached using a blunt knife. Please be careful not to attach the dog's lead to the ring by mistake. The force could pull the ring open and release the tag.

About Delivery – See our Delivery Page for detailed information

After Receiving Your Tag

Our systems are automated so whatever you submit comes through for engraving.  If any engraving detail is not correct it is usually because a mobile phone was used which makes mistakes much more likely.  We engrave hundreds of tags each day so it is not possible for us to check every line of engraving, or compare with the customer details provided, in case a mistake has been made.  For this reason we send the order confirmation as soon as the order is placed, so there is time for you to check the details and let us know if anything needs changing, before 9am when we start the engraving.  If you have made a mistake and it is too late to fix it, email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk and we will give you a promo code for 25% off a re-order.

Very rarely, human error causes a tag to be put into the wrong envelope. If you receive somebody else's tag we apologise!  Please see our Corrections and Replacements page for information on what to do next.

Unfortunately we cannot replace lost tags free of charge.  Most customers report the tag has been lost because they attached the lead to the tag's split ring instead of the collar ring by mistake.  This will pull the ring open and release the tag.  If this does happen, email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk to let us know and we will give you a 25% discount for a re-order.  If your tag has been lost and the split ring is still fully intact, please email us with a photo.  Please regularly check the split ring, tag and ezeclip for any wear and tear.  If you notice any issues remove and email us with a photo and we will immediately replace.

It is quickest if you reorder at the website, which also offers a 25% multiple order discount. This way you will receive order confirmations and dispatch updates. However, you can also email us at info@bowwowint.co.uk and we will provide our bank account details for payment.  Once payment is received we will process the order and make any changes you have requested.

If your tag has faded, just let us know and we'll replace it.  Tags fade for all sorts of reasons, but usually because they have been exposed to water or have rubbed against wet fur or another tag.  We do not recommend brass tags for dogs that swim or get very wet.  Stainless Steel tags are the most robust, especially for very active dogs.  See our Corrections and Replacements Page for more information.