Bow Wow Meow Smart QR Code Tag

The Bow Wow Meow Smart Tag is the easiest way to ensure your pet's safety.  With a free online profile that takes seconds to update, you can guarantee that relevant information is always available to help reunite you and your pet, no matter what your movements or location.

The Smart Tag is enabled with a unique QR Code on the front.  This can be scanned using your smart phone camera, or it can be entered at the website, providing quick access to your pet's profile and any contact details and other important information you have selected to be shared.  Once scanned the profile appears and the person who found your lost pet can make contact with you.  This, as well as the legally required ID engraved on the back of the tag, will ensure you can be reunited with your lost pet as quickly as possibile.  Meanwhile you can receive an email alert showing the location of where the tag was scanned.  See for more information.

We can engrave up to 4 lines on the back of the Smart Tag and use a clear UPPER CASE Calibri font.

This tag has an epoxy coating for added protection.

All our tags come with a strong split ring but please be careful not to attach the lead to the split ring by mistake.  The Smart Tag also comes with a free eZeClip (valued at £5.50) for easier attaching and removal.

Price includes full engraving and free UK postage.  We'll dispatch your order by first class post within 24 hours of receipt.

If your tag fades or breaks in the first  year, we'll replace it free of charge.  Check your tag from time to time and let us know if it is starting to wear away.  We do not replace lost tags as this usually happens when the lead is attached to the tag by mistake. 

Please note:  this is not a tracking device, which would require a battery and an expensive subscription service.  However, you can receive email alerts if and when the code is scanned (as long as the finder's location services are active and allowed).



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