When should my dog wear a collar?

When should my dog wear a collar?

When should my dog wear a collar?

Being a pet owner comes with a whole host of responsibilities. After all, you will need to care for your pet, giving them all the attention, affection, and essentials that they need in order to enjoy every minute of their life with you.

One question that many pet owners ask is when dogs are required to a collar.  It is important to make sure that you stay abreast of the law while ensuring that your dog remains comfortable and happy.
We’ve put together a handy guide to the facts to help you out.


Know the Law

While there are a number of laws relating to dogs that you should familiarise yourself with, the one that is most applicable in this situation is the Control of Dogs Order 1992. This is the legislation which states that any dog in a public place must have the name and address of their owner on a collar, tag, or another piece of identifying material.
As a result, it’s important to ensure that your dog is always wearing a collar and tag with the required information whenever they leave the house. Whether it’s for a visit to the park, an appointment with the vet or just your morning walk together, you should always make sure that both you and your dog are fully prepared.


Comfort and Safety

However, when it comes to wearing a collar in non-public places, like in the home, there is much more freedom.
While some dogs are quite happy wearing a collar, from a practical point of view, constantly wearing one could cause damage to their fur and the skin on their neck as the collar rubs against their body. It’s important to regularly check your pet for any signs of ill health and if you see a collar-related issue, this could be a sign that you should try a looser or more comfortable collar.
For these reasons, many pet owners choose to let their dogs go collar-free in the house in order to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible – but ultimately, the decision will lie with you and your dog. If you do decide to remove your dog’s collar in the house, it’s essential not to forget to put it on again before you next head out together!


Introducing a Puppy to a Collar

Since it is a legal requirement for dogs to wear collars and identification tags when they are out and about, it’s essential that you prepare your puppy for this as soon as possible. Introducing a puppy to the concept of wearing a collar and familiarising them with it during training sessions is an important way to keep them secure and calm when the time does come for them to wear one outdoors.
If you have recently adopted a puppy, the best way to introduce him or her to a collar is to take it slowly, to begin with. Make sure that the collar you choose is comfortable and fits your pup well – as a guide, the perfect sized collar should be loose enough for you to comfortably fit a finger between the collar and your dog’s neck without it being loose enough to just slip off. Try to associate wearing the collar with positive things like treats, as this can help your puppy become more comfortable with it more quickly.
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