9 Reasons Your Cat Licks and Purrs

9 Reasons Your Cat Licks and Purrs

9 Reasons Your Cat Licks and Purrs

Have you ever wondered why your cat licks you?

Or maybe what causes your kitty to purr?

It can often be the case that we just assume it a sign of affection, as these actions are similar to kissing, however, the real reason behind your pet’s intentions is a little different.

Here at Pet Tags we love cats and we’re sure you do, too! Not only are they cute, cuddly and ever-so-slightly neurotic, but they’re also heroes of the Internet, thanks to their famous friends Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. However, how well do you really know your beloved feline?

Whether you are new to being a pet owner and want to brush up on your knowledge before you commit and buy the cat name tags you’ve had your eye on, or are simply curious about how your favourite pet behaves, then please keep reading.

    Why does my cat lick me?

    #1 - First and foremost, a cat will lick you if he or she feels comfortable and secure in your company. Like a mother caring for a child, a mother cat will lick her kittens – and the cat is simply caring for you in the only way they know how

      #2 - At the same time, your cat could just be licking you to mark their territory, by marking you with their scent. Your car has claimed you as their human, feel proud! Now that is a bond to shout about
          #3 - We stroke our feline friends to show affection. Often, a cat will lick you to show affection for you, as well as nuzzling and head butts
            #4 - If your cat licks a lot, or even likes to suckle on you or your clothing, then there is every chance they were a little young when they were weaned from their mother. Licking you will comfort your cat when they are craving their mother's touch – aww!
              #5 - Cats will also lick a lot if they feel anxious or worried. Give them a loving cuddle and stroke them until their frantic licking subsides. This soothing technique is a great way of bonding with your pet

                Why does my cat purr?

                #1 - Many people believe that their cats and kittens purr when they are happy. This is half true. Scientists believe that kittens have the ability to purr instinctively to communicate with their mothers; letting them know that they are okay when they are unable to meow

                  #2 - This is usually why cats will purr when you stroke or pet them – they’re telling you that they’re okay!
                    #3 - However, the purr is usually a form of communication with each other, rather than for human benefit. Older cats will purr when meeting new felines on the block, as a way of saying that they are friendly.

                      #4 - Cats will also purr when they are anxious or scared – as a way of calming themselves down in the absence of their mother

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                        With all this additional feline knowledge under your belt, you’ll soon feel a whole lot more connected with your pussycat.

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