Because Dogs Are Family

Because Dogs Are Family

Because Dogs Are Family

If, like so many other dog owners out there, you consider your four-legged friends to be a firm part of the family instead of ‘just a pet’, then this one is for you.
Outside of all the usual treats and doggy essentials – bed, bowl, lead, dog tag, an enviable wardrobe and both sofa and bed privileges – there are many other things that dog lovers, just like you, are doing for their pooches on a regular basis - because dogs are family too.

With hand-made and personalised bedding, clothes and walkies essentials, as well as home-made healthy organic meals to avoid processed tinned food and photoshoots for paw-some social media accounts – the luxury lifestyle that many people covet is a reality for many dogs.
Join us as we take a look at the many different ways people treat their dogs just like one of the family!

Advent Calendars
The presence of pet advent calendars in supermarkets, pet shops and online has been ever-increasing in recent years – because why should your dog miss out on a daily treat in the lead up to Christmas? These days, you can take your pick between brands, healthy treats and even toys! We love this healthy option from Lily's Kitchen.

From dog tags to a Personalised Wardrobe

Dogs have access (through their wonderful humans, of course!) to an ever-broadening range of wardrobe options. From bandanas, t-shirts, hoodies, raincoats, collars, harnesses and dog tags, there’s something for every occasion for the dog with his paw on the pulse of AW17 fashion.

Tinned versus Organic Food
Not only are there websites dedicated to DIY healthy dog food, but you can buy cookbooks on the matter, too! However you feel about the range of pet food available to buy that is pre-made; dogs can’t resist a home-cooked meal! Most of these recipes rely on high-quality proteins, vegetables and rice to really keep your dog full up for longer, and give them a world of energy thanks to all the tasty, healthy food in their diet.

Access All Areas
The rise of social media accounts for pets has sky-rocketed as people take to their platforms of choice to keep their followers up to date with the goings-on of their pet’s lives. From Facebook and Instagram through to Snapchat, we are seeing puppy photoshoots all the time, as well as fashion shows and cute videos of pets doing the funniest things.
It was inevitable really; sites like YouTube have been full to the brim of pet videos for the best part of the last decade, so the move over to social media apps comes as no surprise. What is surprising is the number of people who follow these accounts! There really is no substitute for a cute dog in his finest dog tag and new collar rocking the blue steel pose.
Whether you choose to indulge your pampered pets in these luxurious lifestyles or not, it’s safe to say that it really is a dog's life!