Festive Feline Fun this Christmas

Festive Feline Fun this Christmas

Festive Feline Fun this Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time, filled with fun, wonder and joy for all the family. But while you and your loved ones might be having a wonderful time, it’s important not to forget about the furry friends that share your home.

After all, Christmas should be a time for all the family to enjoy together, so make sure that your feline companions are included in the celebrations with special treats, kitten-friendly decorations and brand new festive cat ID tags!

Beware the Decorations

We all love the tradition and excitement of putting up our Christmas trees, but for your cat, the tree can present a thrilling new game and toy all wrapped up in one easy-to-climb bundle. For that reason, it is vital to cat-proof your tree to prevent any issues arising as a result of their natural curiosity. You should think carefully about where you put the tree, how it is secured to prevent any cat-related toppling incidents, and what decorations you put on it. It is also best to avoid putting chocolates and other edible treats on the tree – you never know when your kitten might get a little peckish!
Aside from the tree, many of us choose to decorate our homes with other bits and pieces to reflect the season. Of course, we all know to keep delicate items and breakable ornaments well out of the way of any stray paws, but for many, Christmas means an influx of glitter. As this can stick to your cat’s fur and possibly be ingested, it’s important to be fully prepared.

Food for All

It’s only natural to want to give your furry friend a special treat at Christmas time, but before you go scraping mountains of leftovers into their dish, think carefully about what you are feeding them. Rich food can cause digestive problems for cats, especially if they are used to a strict, plainer diet, so in the long run, you may be actually doing them more harm than good. For this reason, you should be sure to treat them only in moderation - a little of their favourite food will make the perfect festive surprise.

Gifts Galore

Everyone else gets presents at Christmas, so why not let your cat join in on the fun? For the more playful, inquisitive types, it may even be fun to try wrapping up the gift and letting your kitten uncover their surprise themselves.
If you are stuck for gift inspiration, a new toy, special tasty treat, cosy bed or brand new cat ID tags are sure to go down a treat. If you’re getting them more than one gift, your feline may well be spoiled rotten this Christmas, but ssh – we won’t tell!

These crinkle balls are the perfect cat-friendly Christmas toy!

And this special cat-friendly stocking is full of fun treats your cat will love..


Why not try these treats for cats and kittens?

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Of course, the most important thing is that both you and your cat stay safe and happy this Christmas. By following our top tips, you are sure to have a brilliant festive season and enjoy every minute of the time you spend together.