Black Cats Aren’t Just for Halloween!

Black Cats Aren’t Just for Halloween!

So, you’ve chosen to adopt a cat. You’ve got bedding, food, a litter tray and sparkling new cat tags, all ready for your new feline friend, and you head down to your local shelter to choose your cat. You see a litter of adorable kittens – one black, one white, one tortoiseshell. Which one do you choose?

If you would pick the white or the tortoiseshell, then you are not alone. Sadly, black cats are the cats that are most commonly found in shelters, and often, many of the shelter’s longest-staying residents will be black cats. This is due to a few reasons, including the superstition of black cats being unlucky or supposedly being associated with witchcraft, right through to the belief that they just don’t stand out against other ‘prettier’ cats. In a world that is dominated by social media, black cats are overlooked by millennials as they ‘don’t look good in selfies’.

The Witches’ Familiar?

Despite all this, the truth is that black cats can make excellent pets – isn’t it about time we showed them some love?
As we approach Halloween, the time of year most commonly associated with black cats, it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know these gorgeous felines in a little more detail.
Cats have been loved and revered for thousands of years – just look at how they were treated in Ancient Egypt! As pet cats became more popular, the feline population was well looked after, yet black cats became synonymous with witches and magic. In time, the belief that black cats are unlucky gained traction, and before long, this became ingrained into the public consciousness.

A Lucky Break

However, things aren’t all bad, as some people believe the opposite and think that black cats actually bring luck. Similarly, the popularity of the recent superhero movie Black Panther has led to increased numbers of black cats being adopted and named after the characters!
Of course, there are many traditions and superstitions regarding black cats, but the fact is that these beautiful animals are all individuals in their own right. No two cats are the same, and if you are considering adopting a cat, it’s essential to remember that love, care and support are far more important than the colour of their fur.
This Halloween, perhaps it’s time to embrace the beauty of the black cat and welcome a new feline friend into your home. Could there be any better gift than a forever home?
Could adopting a black cat prove to be lucky for you? As they sit in their new home, wearing brand new cat tags and experiencing the endless love and affection of their new family, one thing is for sure – it’s definitely lucky for them!