Celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day With Your Dog

Celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day With Your Dog

Some people don't like the idea of dressing up their pets, but for others, it's a fun thing to do with dogs that enjoy the attention. If that's your dog, spend some time dressing your four-legged best friend on Dress Up Your Pet Day, which falls on Sunday 14 January. Whether it’s a full outfit or change of accessory it will give you some valuable bonding time with your pet.

Look at character clothing and jumpers to dress your pet in, but if you’re not keen on making them wear a full outfit, new dog name tags could be the way to go. If you're struggling to pick something to dress your beloved pet in, we have a few ideas that you might love.

Pick a Character, Any Character

It’s easy to get an outfit of your favourite character for yourself, but did you ever think of putting your pet in it? You can find pet outfits online and they're not usually expensive.
If you’re a big fan of Disney, why not dress your dog in a pretty princess dress? Or for those Toy Story fans, pick a Woody or Buzz costume, it’s different and will look great.
To give your pet a smart look, why not try a tuxedo? Or for the more laid-back approach, let them wear their dressing gown all day.
If you’re thinking of dressing them in something completely unique, why not go for something comical? You might have also seen some novelty outfits, a sausage dog dressed as a hot dog and some are even dressed to look human. You could choose something similar and really go all out on your Sunday walk!

Go For a Stylish Jumper

Now that Christmas is over, a festive jumper might not work. But you could still go with a patterned jumper, or why not stripes? Depending on the breed of dog you have, you might choose a thin or thick jumper. Either way, there is a ton of choice. Knitted, Crochet, fleece... the list goes on.
If you have a girl, you could go with something pink and floral - or for a boy, something blue and patterned. Equally, there are other designs with paw print patterns, pictures on the back and some even come with hoods.
For those of you that want to go for a mix of character and jumper, then pick a fun jumper that makes your pet look like a Minion or your favourite Star Wars character... Darth Dog!

Look at Trendy Dog Name Tags

You might have had the same tag on your dog for years, or maybe you just want a change - a new pet tag could be the perfect way to celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day without going over the top with an outfit.
Sparkling Bling tags are stylish and available in various different shapes and colours to suit your pet. If your dog’s female, choose a Coco Bling Heart, or for a male maybe go for the Charlie Bling Heart. If, however, you would rather go for something a little more colourful, why not pick a brightly coloured Kennel pet tag or a Bow Wow tag.
Whatever tag you choose, make sure it's legally compliant by engraving your name and address (at least the house name or number and postcode) and don't forget the phone number so you can easily be contacted. Your dog's tag will help to ensure you are reunited if they become lost so that you can continue to spend every day with your four-legged friend.