New Year, New Pets

New Year, New Pets

Much like with birthdays, a popular gift for Christmas has and will probably always be giving a new pet – typically a new puppy or kitten. While this is exciting and the start of a whole new chapter in your lives – there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with welcoming a furry friend into your life.

More than just taking your new pet to the vets for check-ups, the logistics of feeding your pet, walking a puppy as well as training and ensuring your new pet is safe and sound in your care is a long-term commitment. There are many ways to ensure your new pet stays safe and sound, and we’re not just talking about leads and dog tags for pets! Keep reading for some top tips!

Safety First

Now that you have a new pet have all the essentials covered – food bowl, bed and toys aplenty and your new pet is settled into their new home, it’s time to get their safety sorted. As we are sure you are aware, there are some risks that come with a new pet – not least because of new additions to your home which is important if you have other pets or children. With that in mind, your first step will usually be to get your pet registered to the local vets and seen for a check-up.
Next up, you need to make sure your pet is safe when out and about. Both cats and dogs will benefit from a collar and name tag – in fact, dog tags for pets are more common than ever before!
Dogs are now legally required to be micro-chipped – and the details within are then able to be scanned at a veterinary surgery should your dog ever wander off or go missing. This not only ensures you can be reunited with your furry friend, but it also means any medical issues are known there and then should this be needed.

Different Styles of Tags

Whether for a dog or cat, there are many different styles and design available for the tags you can buy.
Bling and sparkling tags can add a touch of style to your pooch or choose a tag specifically for cats with a feline design. There is a range of colours and styles available here at Pet Tags and it can really give your new pet a stylish accessory to be proud of – as well as helping to keep them safe and sound.

New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

A new year always comes with resolutions – and this year, yours could be about ensuring your new pet is happy and healthy always. They are a part of the family now and can really make a huge difference in your life. Spending quality time with your pet can ensure that you have a great relationship and can also make your pet feel loved in their new home.
If you’ve had a new pooch for Christmas or a new cat to add to the family home, then congratulations! By following these tips, you and your new friend should be off to the best start and can really help you feel that your pet is safe.