Dog Tags for Pets: First Step Towards Safety

Dog Tags for Pets: First Step Towards Safety

Pets get lost - sadly, it’s a heart-breaking reality. Therefore, having good-quality dog tags for pets is understandably vital.

If your pet is one of those escape artists who love to get loose and wander around the neighbourhood, then it is more important than ever to make sure that they have a valid ID tag at all times. This way, anyone who comes across your pet can easily get him or her back to you.
When you are looking to purchase dog tags for your pets, there are some essential things that you need to consider. After all, they aren't just there to keep your pet looking stylish - in certain situations, your pet's tag can be a real life saviour.

Your Name & Address

The Control of Dogs Order requires that the owner’s name is included, as well as your address (house name/number and postcode will suffice).  At least one phone number is essential of course.  Engrave as much as possible on the tag, but remember that the more text you have, the smaller and harder to read it will be, so include the basics and abbreviate where possible.

Smart Tags

If you want the person who finds your pet to have more information, consider getting a Smart Tag. When the code is scanned, or the tag’s NFC chip is tapped by any smart device, your dog’s profile is accessed, along with all the information you would like to share about your pet, as well as multiple contact details that will not fit on a small tag.

Keep it Updated

It is important to keep the information on the tag updated to ensure the details are both current and accurate. If you move house or change your phone number, make sure to get a replacement tag made with your new details. If you have a Smart Tag, update the profile when anything changes.

Medical Dog Tags for Pets

If your pet suffers from any medical condition, it is important to let others know. If strangers find your pet, they will have no idea about any allergies or medical conditions your pet may have. A medical alert tag is a smart way to keep your pet safe and healthy, no matter what. You can also add important medical and dietary information to your pet's Smart Tag profile.
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