How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Pet

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Pet

If you are thinking about adopting a pet, first things first – congratulations! While you might be adopting a pet from a shelter, many will already have names, but for others, it’s a different story entirely.

Whether it’s a beautiful little puppy, a gorgeous kitten or simply a newly-adopted pet in need of a new name, finding the perfect pet name can be a tricky task. After all, once you have chosen their name, it can be displayed on pet tags engraved with their details, so it’s important to get it right!  But should a pet's name be engraved on their ID tag?  We are often asked this question by our pet ID tag customers.
The Kennel Club don't recommend engraving the pet's name on their tag because they believe it may make it easier for a thief to entice the pet to go with them.  However, many pet owners disagree, believing that in the unfortunately case of accident, or if the pet is simply lost, their name can be used to calm and reassure them.  While there is a law in the UK which mandates all dogs in a public place must have ID that includes the owner's name and address, there is no law relating to the pet's name. So it's entirely up to the pet owner to decide what they are comfortable with.
If you’re stuck for ideas for your new pet's name, we have come up with a few suggestions to help provide inspiration and get you well on the way towards finding the perfect name!

Think Personality

The most important thing when deciding on a name is that your chosen moniker suits your pet as an individual. Just as you wouldn’t name an all-black cat ‘Ginger’, for example, there would be no point in choosing a name which starkly contrasts with your pet’s personality. Get creative – think of what they like, what they enjoy doing, and any cute quirks or traits that they may have.

Feel Inspired

From friends and family members to celebrities, literary characters and more, the inspiration for names can literally be found anywhere and everywhere. After all, sometimes the best ideas can stem from the most unlikely of places, and often at a time when you are least expecting it! If, however, you do want to search out some ideas, try plugging in your favourite music or checking through your shelves for inspiration.

Popular Favourites

It’s not just the world of celebrities, culture, books, music, film and TV that can provide inspiration. In fact, your favourite things can often be a great source of ideas, as well as passing a positive association onto the newest member of the family.
From food and drink to places, sports, flowers or nature, the possibilities really are endless. Of course, the beauty of the naming process is that there are no limitations – as long as the name suits the pet, there is no reason why you can’t discover the perfect name!
Once you have created a shortlist and whittled down the potential names, the only thing left to do is make your final decision! With the ideal name finally in hand, don’t forget to pick out some pet tags engraved with your furry friend’s brand new moniker – this way, they can proudly show it off wherever they go!