Christmas-themed gifts for dogs!

Christmas-themed gifts for dogs!

As dog lovers, our Christmas lists are never complete until we have added fun toys to surprise our dogs with on Christmas morning (and keep them entertained during the festive season).  Here's our favourites for this year, all available on Amazon for buyer protection and all include FREE delivery (some on orders over £20).
Our favourite - tried and test by my own cocker spaniel, Mia, with great success!  Persist with this - it takes a bit of time, but is worth the effort for the amount of fun your dog can have.  Fill with small treats, then train your dog to put the ball into the hole at the top which will release a few treats at a time.  Once they find it easy, make them work harder for the treats by throwing the ball for them to retrieve, or hiding the ball, which works well for spaniels who love sniffing out rewards.

The best: All For Paws Fetch N Treat Interactive Toy £19.99

Xmas presents for dogs

And here are some other fun toys:

Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board 23 cm £7.99

Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board 23 cm £7.99

Nerf Dog Stomper Toy £14.99

Xmas presents for dogsPet qwerks

Pet Qwerks - Doggy IncrediBubbles Everlasting Bubbles For Dogs £3.50

amazon pet gifts

 Good Boy Hohoho Bones £2.91

Pet gifts UK

Good Boy 6 Mini Festive Christmas Mince Pie Treats for Dogs £4.98

Gifts for pets

Woof & Brew Luxury Pawsecco Pet-House Wines from £2.99

UK Pet Gifts

Lilyeyes Christmas Pet Dog Scarf Soft Warm Bear Decor Snowflake Pattern £1.23

Lilyeyes Christmas Pet Dog Scarf Soft Warm Bear Decor Snowflake Pattern
And of course, don't forget our own special Christmas pet tags, all from £8.99 including full engraving and 1st class postage within 24 hours:

Snowflake Pet Tag

Snowflake pet tag

Christmas Tree Pet Tag

christmas tree tag

Christmas Tartan Pet Tag

xmas tag
You can attach and remove them easily with a festive eZeClip:

Red, Silver, Green & Gold eZeClips for Pet Tags £4.95

ezeclip red small
ezeclip green
ezeclip gold small
ezeclip silver small
jasmine mayo with christmas