How to Keep Kids Safe Around Pets

How to Keep Kids Safe Around Pets

How to Keep Kids Safe Around Pets

Children and pets can have the greatest friendships, bonding with one another in a unique and incomparable manner. However, things can quickly go downhill if the proper parameters aren’t put in place. The last thing you want is for any accidents or bad behaviour to happen, which is why it is important to bear safety in mind at all times.

From investing in the best quality pet tags in the UK, right through to basic training and observance of rules, here is a quick guide to the basics of ensuring children and pets co-exist safely.


The key to safe and harmless playtime is supervision. Both your pet and child should be supervised at all times when together to minimise the risk of any over-excited or aggressive actions causing harm to their playmate. Take additional care never to leave the two together when you are not within sight of them – that way, should things start getting out of hand, you can easily intervene.

Pet Tags in the UK

When you are out and about, it can be hard to juggle looking after a small child or pushing a buggy while keeping an eye on your dog and maintaining a hold of its lead. If you get distracted, it’s easy for curious or excitable pooches to run off or become separated from you. If the worst should happen, you should make sure your dog has the best possible chances of making their way back to you. To keep safe, invest in durable, high-quality pet tags; in the UK it is a legal requirement for dogs to wear identification when in public areas.


Just as you would teach your child, it is important to provide your pet with basic training as well. Training classes can help you and your pet master the basics or, alternatively, rewarding pets with treats for good behaviour is a good place to start. To begin with, make sure that your dog has mastered essential commands such as sit, stay and come.


Lastly, it is important to set some basic rules in place to ensure that everyone is aware of their limits and any potential risks are minimised. Teach your children some basic rules and make sure to enforce them during pet playtime to make sure no-one gets hurt. It is important not to let your kids get too physical with pets, as this can make even the most docile of creatures easily become tetchy and irritable. Loud noises, sudden movements, rough handling and cornering pets are definite no-nos.
Once everyone is on the same page, staying safe should be a breeze – just sit back, relax, and enjoy your quality family time together!