Have You Got Your ID Tag for International Cat Day?

Have You Got Your ID Tag for International Cat Day?

Have You Got Your ID Tag for International Cat Day?

There are an estimated 500 million cats roaming the streets around the world, but how many of them could be identified? Make sure that you have your cat ID tag for International Cat Day on Tuesday 8th August.

Do you love your feline? Of course, you do! And they love you, too, even though they may not come across as the most affectionate of pets. Cats look out for their owners and, believe it or not, try to teach them how to hunt – which is why they bring home dead mice and birds.

Why We Love Cats

There are many reasons why we love our cats. They offer great company when we are feeling low, they are very forthcoming when they want company (often prohibiting us from getting work done) and they don’t demand much space; perfect for those of us with limited room.
On top of all this, cats are independent creatures, which make them easier to look after, especially if you are juggling a full-time job. They can be left to their own devices, hence why it is common to find many cats acting as neighbourhood watch when you walk down the street.

Looking After Your Cat with an ID tag

When your cat is out and about on its travels and exploring the big wide world, you will obviously want to make sure that they are safe. In case they stray too far away from home, ensuring that they always wear their cat ID tag will mean that they can easily be identified and returned to you, the owner.
Unfortunately, the reality is that the world is full of dangers, big and small, and it is our job as pet owners to make sure they are kept as safe as possible. In the cases of cats, they love to have their own sense of freedom and roam around outside, so ensuring they are tagged is essential.

How to Celebrate International Cat Day

In honour of the day on Tuesday 8th August, why not serve your cat up something extra special for tea time? Or surprise them with a brand new scratching post and toy?
It is easy to forget that we are our pets entire world, so it is important that we reciprocate that love and affection whenever possible, which we always do!