New Year, New Pet

New Year, New Pet

cat name tagsAt the start of a New Year, many people like to start afresh with a new wardrobe, a new job, a new relationship or even a new pet.

Here at Pet Tags, we are all for people making a change in their life for the better, but when it comes to getting a new pet, it is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. There is more to being a pet owner than just buying a pet ID tag - a pet is for life, after all!
If you have the time and the love to give a new pet, as well as the money to support it and look after it, then it looks like someone is about to get a new pet!
Whether you opt for a kitten, puppy or choose to adopt a rescued pet from a charity, such as Cat Protection or Blue Cross, as well as the RSPCA; it’s important to choose an animal that is right for you!

Pet Proof

Much like getting your home ready for a baby or a child, you need to make sure your home is a safe and protective environment for your new pet. There are a number of steps you need to take to prepare your home:
  1. Remove all toxic/poisonous plants or chemicals where possible. If necessary, keep them in a cupboard, out of reach; as you would with a child
  2. Remove all small, chewable items that you value or keep in a secure place to avoid choking hazards
  3. Keep electrical cables safe, secure and out of reach
  4. Any dangling cords that could create choking hazards should be modified or moved
  5. Keep first-floor windows closed to avoid your new cat jumping out in a bid to escape– don’t take it personally if they do try!
  6. Ensure you feed your new pet age-appropriate food. Kittens and puppies require an entirely different set of nutrients than a mature dog or feline

Training Day

Both cats and dogs need to be house trained for you all to live in harmony. Reward your new pet for good behaviour and they will soon create good habits. Puppies can be taken to obedience classes, should they require it, from 3-4 months old. Training your new pet is a bonding experience for you both, which can build trust that will last a lifetime.
Toilet training needs to start from the moment your new pet arrives.
Cats will need a litter tray, in a secluded spot. Place your cat or kitten in the tray after food, naps or at regular intervals to encourage them to use the tray. Remember to change the litter regularly!
Puppies and dogs need toilet training, too. Get your new pet into a routine by letting them outside every few hours, and always after eating to foster good habits early on.

Health Check

It is important to ensure your new pet, whatever the age, is fully vaccinated, and, where necessary, spayed or neutered. Regular vet check-ups will ensure your furry friend is protected against fleas, worms, ticks, mites and other diseases.


Pets are very playful when they are young, and while this may fade as they grow older, they will always have a playful side throughout their life. As well as developing their senses and skills, it helps your new pet to socialise with other pets and also with humans. Ensure you provide suitable toys and scratch posts; no easily detached parts that your pet can choke on!
Finally, your new pet will need a collar to announce their arrival into your home and your family. A gorgeous pet ID tag from our extensive collections is the finishing touch to welcome your new pet into the fold.
For further information on how you can order a pet ID tag for your furry friend, please have a browse on our website, and feel free to contact us, should you have any additional queries.