Personalised Dog Tags and Other Gift Ideas

Personalised Dog Tags and Other Gift Ideas

We’re not sure you need an excuse to celebrate and pamper your darling pooch - in fact, we know you don’t! Don’t worry, though, because we encourage you wholeheartedly!
Celebrate the special bond an owner shares with their dog and highlight the different roles a four-legged friend can play in your life. It's also a great way to create awareness about the importance of rescuing and protecting dogs.

After all, any owner will know that a dog is so much more than just a pet - they are a part of the family and you love them as though they are your own. In fact, we dare say that most owners place the pooch in higher regards than other humans in the same home (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone – it’s our little secret!)
With so much choice on offer when it comes to gifts for pets, how do you know where to start? From a new snuggly bed to personalised dog tags, there are countless ways in which you can appreciate and treat your dog.

A ‘Dogbrella’

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a cool umbrella for your pup. The pet brolly is made from clear propylene, which means their view won’t be compromised whilst they’re walking. Now, the English weather is no longer an excuse to skip those daily walks – keep your dog dry and clean and buy them a Dogbrella!

Personalised Gifts and Dog Tags

Personalised gifts are great, especially if you are a sentimental dog owner. If you are wondering what options you have in terms of personalised gifts for your dog, then get ready to be spoiled for choice!
A personalised food bowl with your dog’s name on it could be an option or a personalised jacket for those cold winter walks would also work well. You could get a personalised blanket, an engraved dog bone as a little treat or perhaps even a personalised dog tag with a special message engraved on it.
Adding a little personal touch can make gifts so much more meaningful.

Pamper Your Pooch

Dogs need pampering too! Just as we humans love the feeling of being waited on hand and foot, pampered to the nines, so does your furry friend! It’s hard work being that cute, so get them booked in for a session of TLC.
Book your pooch in for some grooming – maybe a relaxing bubble bath, a little manicure, fur grooming and whatever else your pup pleases, to make them feel a million dollars. Once they are done, they will leave with an immaculate coat befitting of the red carpet. Woof!

A Dog Cake

What is a celebration without some cake? Imagine turning up to your own birthday party without even a single slice of cake… unthinkable! Of course, you wouldn’t normally cut a slither off for your furry friend because, as you know, cake simply isn’t good for pooches. However, there are plenty of great pet-friendly alternatives.
You could order a cake for your dog with his or her name piped on it. A dog cake is specially made with ingredients suitable for dogs and you can customise it according to your own requirements. Now your dog can have their cake and eat it, too!

Dog Sofa

Don’t you just love curling up and chilling on the sofa after a long day at work? Well, your dog loves it too! Why not get them their very own sofa to lounge on after their busy day of being cuddled, fed, walked and then cuddled a few more times? They’ll be tired from all that pampering, after all! Get them their own soft and cosy sofa to sit back and relax on next to you in the lounge.
For more inspirational gift ideas for your pet or to buy some personalised dog tags, see our full range here.