The 12 Friendliest Cat Breeds in the UK!

The 12 Friendliest Cat Breeds in the UK!

The 12 Friendliest Cat Breeds in the UK!

Cats are extremely curious creatures, but they are also very wary of strangers and unknown situations. There are plenty of people out there who think that this caution is just a sign of an aloof and antisocial personality, but we disagree. The stereotype of cats being selfish and unloving is unreasonable. There are plenty of pussycats who adore attention, cuddling and sometimes even games of fetch - it all depends on your cat’s individual personality.

Certain breeds are especially likely to show this type of behaviour. Every cat comes with its own personality, which can always differ from the breed standard, but if you are looking for an extra-friendly feline then these cats could make the purrfect picks. Read on and meet the nicest kitties on the block!
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12. Exotic Shorthair

Cute, cuddly and unashamedly needy, the Exotic Shorthair is the lap cat you’ve always wanted. These cats are exceptionally loyal and will always be ready to cuddle their owner, though they are also fairly cautious, so you won’t see them around strangers or loud situations. If you’re a fan of curling up with a loving cat, the Exotic Shorthair is a brilliant choice. It's worth noting that as Exotic Shorthairs have flat faces, you will need to keep an eye on their dental health, too.


11. Abyssinian

Compared to the Exotic Shorthair, the Abyssinian is an excitable little feline, ready to wreak havoc and enjoy any company to be found! This breed is excitable, smart and incredibly active. Abyssinians will play with anyone and anything, ranging from their owner through to strangers and other animals. It’s this ability to work around anyone and in any environment that makes the Abyssinian perfect for families with young children.

10. Persians

Persians return to the calm attitude of the Exotic Shorthairs. A gentle and peaceful breed, Persians are a perfect lap cat that will be pampered and petted for as long as you like, returning as much affection as they receive. The primary difference between the Persian and the Exotic Shorthair is that this breed isn’t as afraid of loud, unusual situations. Instead, you’ll find them sitting at the edge of the action keeping a close eye on what’s going on, waiting for an opportunity to get a little love. As a result, the Persian is brilliant for households that love to host social events and have people visit on a regular basis.

9. Russian Blue

Russian Blues have always been regal and respected, and it is this elegance and beauty that has earned the breed a reputation for being aloof and selfish. However, this stereotype is very misplaced as whilst the Russian Blue can be cold to strangers, once you have gained their trust, they will remain loyal and loving forever. You won’t find a Russian Blue getting involved in your social events or playing with strangers, but you will definitely find one curling up with you in private.

8. Burmese

Attention loving and irresistibly cute, the Burmese is a charming, attention loving breed that never stops getting involved. Burmese cats are emotional and friendly, constantly seeking people or animals to engage and play with. Their reputation and personalities are so strong that experts even recommend having another pet around to keep them company when you’re not in the house. If you want a cat that’s comfortable with everyone, the Burmese is a great choice.

7. Siamese

Just as charming as the Burmese and equally loving too, Siamese cats will always be by your side as you are walking around the house. In fact, their major personality difference to the Burmese is how curious they are and their innate desire to be at the centre of everything you’re doing. Whether it’s eating, cleaning or watching TV, Siamese cats will always want to join you in discovering something new. It’s this passion for exploration and dedication to their owners that have made the Siamese breed gain a reputation for dog-like behaviour; so much so that they have even been known to play fetch and take well to a lead!

6. Somali

Strong, active and utterly intelligent, Somali cats get attention by showcasing their acrobatic skills and solving problems. This breed has a lot of energy to burn and takes well to training regimes, as long as there is someone there to join them along the way. However, it’s important to note that Somalis aren’t huge fans of having other pets in their space, making them perfect for smaller households that want to stick with a single companion.

5. Ragdoll

Ragdolls have always loved affection. In fact, they got their name from the way that they lie when being petted, which is a perfect example of their personality type, too. Relaxed and care-free, the Ragdoll is a doe-eyed beauty that you simply can’t resist. This breed isn’t the adventurous, curious type and prefers to stick around their owners as much as possible, making them perfect as a house cat. If you are looking for a loveable, cuddly companion, the Ragdoll is a brilliant option.

4. Birman

Birmans absolutely love to play with both people and other pets. They are active and engaged, yet once calm, are also happy to cuddle up with you and receive regular petting. In general, Birmans are especially good at striking the balance between neediness and exploration, going off and keeping themselves busy but always returning for regular love from their owner. This adaptability is what makes the Birman great for families that are often out of the house.

3. Manx

The Manx may be missing a tail but these cats certainly make up for it in personality and affection. Extremely intelligent and always looking to get involved, the Manx is a social butterfly, drifting between family members, strangers and pets seamlessly, always ready to play and show some love. This is what makes the Manx great for those who love to host social events - you won’t find this kitty running away from a chance to receive some attention or play some games! They’re loud, they’re cute and they love getting involved so you really can’t go wrong.

2. Maine Coon

Wholehearted lovers of cuddling, the Maine Coon is a friend to everyone, human or animal. Whatever the situation demands, this breed can adapt itself to accommodate, ranging from active playfulness to calm relaxation. Whether you’re travelling, staying at home or have little ones running around, these cats make a great addition to your family unit and don’t just receive affection but show it too.

1. Sphynx

As a result of their hairlessness, Sphynx cats have an in-built desire to share warmth with others. For humans, this comes in the form of cuddling sessions with everyone and anyone. In general, Sphynx cats simply love to be around others, from getting involved with what you’re doing to just receiving attention and relaxing with you. Full of personality and a little silly, this breed makes a friendly and brilliant addition to any home.


Hopefully, this short guide will have revealed some feline secrets you didn’t know about! After you have acquired your new pet, be sure to browse our range of pet tags and take a look at our family pet tag album!

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