Walking with Your Dog: Safety First

Walking with Your Dog: Safety First

Walking with Your Dog: Safety First

As the summer nights begin to darken and we move into the autumnal months of many colours and blustery breezes, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding the safety of you and your pet when out on walks. Preparation is everything, so don’t forget the necessities including an up-to-date dog name tag and your doggy waste bags.

Dark Mornings or Nights = Reflective Clothing

Whether you leave before the sun sets or head out after dark, make sure both you and your pet are wearing a reflective piece of clothing so anyone driving down the street will automatically be aware you are both on the pavement. Reflective collars, harnesses and leads are available if your pup is averse to a fashionable jacket or vest.

Consider the Weather

With the summer heat sometimes lasting well through the month of September, you’ll want to be aware of the weather before heading out on your morning or evening walks. If temperatures are dipping, consider layering up and if you have a small or lean dog like a terrier or greyhound, make sure they wear a coat in cooler temperatures. If temperatures get very hot or very cool, consider how the ground will feel under your dog’s paws and make the appropriate preparations.

Walk Areas You are Familiar with

Particularly if you are walking after dark or will be out on a walk when the sun sets, make sure to only walk in areas you are familiar with rather than exploring new areas. While it’s unlikely you’ll come across any trouble, it’s best to be prepared rather than end up caught out. Make sure you stay particularly alert when walking in any new or unfamiliar areas, choosing hats over hoods and refraining from listening to music or anything that could be distracting.

Walk Against the Traffic

When walking your dog at night or in the dark mornings or evenings, make sure to walk against traffic so that you can see anything coming towards you. Stay back away from the road for safety and walk your dog on a short leash on the inside of the path.

Carry Emergency Tools

Although there is no need to take a survival bag every time you are out walking your dog, being prepared with a few emergency supplies can prove handy. Carry your mobile phone (kept out of sight), a torch (smartphones have these), water and some treats or snacks for both you and your pet.
Walking your dog doesn’t need to be a taxing exercise and should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. So, once you are fully prepared and ready for the darker, cooler nights, get outside and get walking! If your pooch needs an updated dog name tag or you would like to treat him or her to a new collar, why not check out our selection online today?