Daisy's Adventure! Breeding Dogs: Our story from start to finish.

Daisy's Adventure! Breeding Dogs: Our story from start to finish.

Here at Pet-Tags, we are very lucky to have our own Dalmatian, Daisy, who is just starting the process of becoming a Mum.  It's all very fascinating and we love hearing all the developments each day from her mum Natasha, who is our Administrations Manager.

Meet Daisy, soon-to-be Mum!

Meet Daisy, soon-to-be Mum!

There's a lot to do and a lot to happen, but hopefully by Christmas (fingers' crossed!) Natasha will be a grandma!  Well, that's the plan anyway, and hopefully Daisy is happy to go along with it!

STEP 1:  Finding Dad

First things first.  We need to find just the right Dad for Daisy's little ones.  So who is this Stud going to be?  Natasha looks online..... and finally, she seems him.  He's gorgeous.

Natasha loves The Stud.  He's beautiful and looks like a prime candidate to father Daisy's babies.  While Daisy is liver-spotted, The Stud is black-spotted, so the puppies will be either black or liver spotted. Now it's time to contact The Stud's owner and see if he is interested!

STEP 2:  The Deal

It turns out The Stud's owner is very nice, helpful and happy for Daisy to get to know his dog which is great news.  Natasha and The Stud's owner have come to an agreement.  Daisy is to meet (and mate with) The Stud, at just the right time.

STEP 3:  The Kennel Club Endorsements

Currently the Kennel Club permits the use of two endorsements on registrations – Progeny Not Eligible for Registration and Export Pedigree Not Allowed. 

Neither of these endorsements prevents the dog from being bred from or sent abroad, but does prevent any litters being registered with the Kennel Club and the dog from being registered by an overseas kennel club. Daisy’s Puppy Sales Agreement includes both endorsements.  So that Daisy can be bred and her puppies can be registered with The Kennel Club, Natasha needs to write to the registration office and request that the ‘Progeny Not Eligible for Registration’ endorsement be removed from Daisy’s registration record.  For more information click here to download: Kennel Club Endorsements.

The use of Kennel Club Endorsements is undoubtedly beneficial to breeders as a measure to help in protecting stock which has been carefully and responsibly bred. It is generally assumed that breeders endorse their stock to safeguard the dog’s future, the breed and themselves. As certain breeds are known to suffer from particular health problems, the breeder may wish that any stock bred by them are examined under the official health schemes prior to being bred from. The Endorsements are important for helping to control Puppy Farming, the mass commercial production of puppies purely for profit and without a thought for the welfare or happiness of the pup, breeding bitch or stud dog.  On a puppy farm breeding dogs and pups are usually kept in horrific dark conditions, totally unsocialized and riddled with both infectious and inbred often incurable diseases. These poorly pups are then sold en masse to pet shops, online or from free newspaper ads and usually die soon after reaching their new home.  Natasha chose a Kennel Club Assured Breeder which shows the breeder’s commitment to Responsible Breeding.  All breeders should consider joining the scheme:  Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme

On Saturday, 7 September, Pup Aid is raising awareness about the UK’s cruel puppy farming trade at the Pup Aid London 2013 Fun Dog Show, at Primrose Hill Park from 10am.  We've all signed the petition and you can also help this cause and join tens of thousands of others, including celebrities Ricky Gervais, Liam Gallagher, Brian May, Joanna Page, Meg Mathews, and Sarah Harding to name a few, in signing the Pup Aid e-petition to help get them closer to their goal for 100,000 signatures.

STEP 4:  The Waiting

Now it’s a matter of waiting until Daisy comes into season.  Daisy’s first two seasons were exactly 7 months apart, so Natasha has calculated the big day will be 18 August 2013.  Once Daisy comes into season again she will have two chances to fall pregnant so will need to visit her Stud on two specific days.  This timing is different for every dog, but for Daisy it is Day 11 and Day 13 after coming into season.  Natasha is all set to take Daisy off for the two dates with The Stud on 28 and 30 August.  The timing is perfect because this means, after a 60 day gestation period (from fertilisation to whelping), Daisy’s puppies will be ready to be born well before Natasha’s Christmas festivities get started.
Unfortunately Daisy had other ideas!  18 August came and went, with no sign at all of progress.  Christmas festivities look more and more likely to be interrupted by the arrival of a new litter of pups.  While a massive 18 puppy brood has been recorded as born in January 2009 (thankfully all healthy), Daisy is likely to give birth to between 9 and 13 pups. So, the wait continues......

STEP 5:  Daisy’s First Date:  Stay posted!

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