Don't forget your Pet Tag if you're moving house with dogs!

Don't forget your Pet Tag if you're moving house with dogs!

Don't forget your Pet Tag if you're moving house with dogs!

Picture this...It’s time to move!  New doctor, new schools, changes of address for bank,  TV licenses, redirecting your post, changing your gas and energy supplier, sorting moving vans, arranging people to put up beds and wardrobes and install washing machines and connect cookers… not to mention the actual packing! Meanwhile, Lottie, your beautiful pet pooch, is already plotting ways to take advantage of this whole situation. 

A door or gate easily left open during a move is the perfect opportunity for an adventure!  I hope she has her ID tag on! After an exhausting day, you’ve made it to your new home, got the kids in bed, found the wine glasses and had the pizza delivered. Just need to feed Lottie before relaxing.  

Uh oh…. Where’s Lottie?!! You haven’t remembered to update Lottie’s address and new phone details on her tag.   Not only is Lottie now without accurate identification, she is in a new area and may not already know how to get home!   You’ve also forgotten to call the vet to update your microchip contact details! The Missing Pets Bureau claim that approximately 3,200 dogs go missing every week.  You now understand how this can so easily happen. But luckily Lottie is not missing at all!  You find her waking up for a nap in one of the empty boxes, exhausted from the day’s events!

We’ve compiled a list of things to help with the move that aren’t always remembered.

Things for you to remember when moving with your pet:

If you need to register your pet with a new vet, do so as soon as you can, preferably before you move. If possible, find someone your pet knows well to stay with them during the move - don’t leave a dog on their own at either the new or old house while things are going on as they are bound to be very confused and often their natural instinct is to escape. Keep familiar toys and smells around them - use an old blanket that smells of their old home to help them settle down. Remember that dogs and cats can suffer from car sickness too.

If you are travelling for quite a journey try to refrain from leaving for the move straight after a meal and as usual, make sure there are some regular rest stops for your dog and water to drink. Make sure you keep cats indoors for at least 24 hours, longer if possible, and feed them a few times before letting them out so they start to learn where to return to. Make sure your new garden is secure. 

Check for any holes in fences, gaps in bushes and become familiar with your neighbours’ animals. Make sure you call your microchipping registry to update your details. Most importantly, update your pet’s identity tag with your new address and correct phone number.  Pet ID is an important part of responsible dog ownership.  Remember there is a risk of a £5000 fine if your dog does not wear ID showing their owner’s surname and an address. See DOG LAWS UK BLOG for more information. Alternatively, here is some advice for moving house with pets from Vets4Pets!

Do you have any funny stories to tell about when you moved house with your pets? We’d love to read them and see a photo - message us on facebook or instagram!