Does Your Dog Have a Medical Condition?

Does Your Dog Have a Medical Condition?

Looking after our pets is our number one priority, especially when they have health conditions which mean they require medication or special foods. When you are out and about, a medical alert pet tag will ensure that anyone who comes into contact with your dog is aware of their additional needs.

It is every owner’s worst nightmare that their dog runs away and becomes lost - even more so when they have a medical condition meaning that they have specific dietary requirements. Anyone who finds a lost dog may presume they are doing the right thing by giving them a bowl of food, but if the dog is diabetic, for example, this could do more harm than good.
Of course, situations like this would be through no fault of the person who recovered the dog, which is why a tag highlighting medical conditions has the potential to save a lot of grief.

Strong and Durable Medical Alert Pet Tags

Our medical alert pet tags are designed to be strong and durable, ensuring that the information remains visible for many years to come. On top of this, our tags are covered by a five-year breakage guarantee and lifetime cover against fading, so if your notice is not visible, we will replace your tag free of charge.
At Pet Tags, we believe that the security of our pets should always come first, which is why our medical alert tags are designed to stand out with a shiny nickel finish and durable image.

Ideal For Friends and Family

If you are ever in the situation where your friends or family are looking after your dog while you are away from home, our medical alert pet tags will provide peace of mind in case you forget to run through any dietary requirements.
Tags can be engraved with instructions on what to do in case of any medical concerns, as well as providing contact details to get in touch with the owner in an emergency. These tags are designed to minimise the time it takes to give your pet the attention that they require to ensure that they remain fit and healthy.

Available in a Range of Sizes

Our medical alert pet tags are available in three different sizes, which are as follows:
  • Small - 22 x 27mm - recommended for all cats and dogs weighing up to 10kg
  • Medium – 25 x 30mm - recommended for dogs weighing between 10 and 25kg
  • Large – 30 x 35mm - recommended for dogs weighing over 25kg
Order your medical alert pet tag directly from our website today to help keep your furry companion fit and healthy.