How are you Celebrating Dog Day?

How are you Celebrating Dog Day?

Dogs truly are a man’s best friend and the most loyal creatures that ever walked the planet, so make sure to spoil your faithful companion for Dog Day on Saturday 26th August.

On Dog Day, we celebrate all that is great and good about our canines. How we look forward to their unique welcome when we arrive home and love all the silly things that they do - even when they put their puppy dog eyes on you whenever you are eating something!
It is customary to spoil our dogs, so be sure to buy bones, engraved pet tags, new toys and the fluffiest bed that you can find. While Dog Day comes around for us every year, it is only once every seven years for them (even if we do fuss them every day) so let’s make it one to remember.

Show the Love with an Engraved Pet Tag

If there is one thing that dogs love, it is to be loved in return. From pint-sized Pugs to towering Great Danes and everything in between, all dogs love to be the centre of attention and have the unrivalled affection of their owners.
Show them just how much they are loved with a brand new engraved pet tag to keep them looking smart at all times. For an extra sense of style, match their tag with their collar, making sure you have the trendiest dog in the neighbourhood. You can also guarantee that they won’t turn down a selection of new toys and treats, either!

Adopting a New Dog

As much as we love our own dogs, it is easy to forget those that are not so lucky to have homes with loving families. As part of Dog Day, we encourage anyone who can open their hearts to a new member of the family to do just that and give a dog a home.
Remember that a dog is for life, so make sure that you are ready to make such a big commitment. If you are, you will make a new furry friend incredibly happy when you hand them their new collar and pet tag.

Dog Day Parties

What better way to truly embrace the spirit of Dog Day than to throw a canine party? Ask all of your friends to bring their dogs together, encouraging them to socialise. As much as attention from owners is good for the dog, interacting with their own kind is also highly beneficial, helping them become more used to meeting new dogs when they are outside.
There are many ways in which you can celebrate Dog Day this year. Whether it means purchasing a new engraved pet tag, throwing a party or adopting a new dog, we guarantee that it will live long in your memory!