How to Prepare When Bringing Home a Rescue Dog

How to Prepare When Bringing Home a Rescue Dog

Bringing a rescue dog home is an overwhelming feeling. It is a big moment of joy for you and your family. However, before you bring it home and put a new personalised dog tag on their collar, there are a few things you should know.

Rescue dogs have a history, sometimes even traumatic. They are emotional and require a greater commitment from you.  Therefore, prepare to go the extra mile for your new pet to ease them into their new environment. It will take time, but there is no more rewarding experience than giving a rescue dog a new home.

How to Prepare Bringing the Dog Home?

Prepare well before you bring the dog to its new home. Make sure you have stocked up on all the essentials including food, bowls, a bed, leash, a personalised dog tag, treats and toys and even a crate or a gate.
Make your house more dog-proof. Remove any valuable or hazardous item from the dog’s territory to make sure he doesn’t chew on them.
If you are not planning to crate your dog, then make sure you have a safe area in your house, where he can be left alone.
The rescue dogs might be upset or homesick. Try to make them as comfortable as possible. Training them with the house and basic manners will be more difficult than training a puppy. So, be patient.
Bringing any pet requires you to commit yourself completely to them. You will have to do the same if not more with your new friend.  Make sure you have time to spend with your dog. If you are a working professional, then make sure you get time off in advance, so that you can dedicate most of your time to the pet in the initial days at least.
Make your dog a part of the family. Slowly introduce it to the other family members, give it a tour of the house. Let it get familiar with its new home. Give it a chance to get friendly with you. Don’t impose yourself on it. Don’t lock it up in a kennel at night. Make sure you have a comfortable bed ready for your dog in the house within the territory you have assigned for it.
Plan your dog’s routine in advance - find out from the shelter what he was being fed, how much and how often. Learn what his walk timings were. Try and maintain a similar schedule or it might affect his health.
How Might Your Dog React?
Despite your best preparations and efforts in planning a homely welcome for your new pet dog, it might not start jumping with joy, much to your disappointment. It is a new environment for him. So, the dog might be confused and intimidated too.
Remember to give your new dog time to settle down. Go easy with rules initially.  Some rescue dogs are anxious. Try to soothe the anxious pet by comforting it. Be kind and gentle with them. They need more care and attention.
It could be an emotional journey in getting the dog to accept its new family and home, as it could take longer than you thought. But it will be worth it. It is a life-changing experience for both you and the dog.

Make Them Feel at Home With a Personalised Dog Tag

To truly make your new dog part of the family, invest in a personalised dog tag to place on their collar. You might be surprised by the significance this may have, and this will also help to safeguard against losing your new dog in case they run off and are not familiar with the area.
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