Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

Keep Pets Cool
The warm weather of summer is something that we all look forward to when tolerating the frost of winter, but it can be easy to forget about the health risks that the rising temperatures pose to our furry friends.

In the winter, we do everything we can to keep our pets warm so they do not spend all day shaking and run the risk of falling seriously ill. In the summer, we, at Pet Tags are like anyone else and look forward to getting out and soaking up the sun.
You will undoubtedly have been given warnings about staying out in the sun for too long, and what precautions to take. This also goes for our pets, who arguably suffer more than we do on the account they walk around all day in a fur coat.

Stay Out of the Sun Day

Monday 3rd July is known as Stay Out of the Sun Day, which highlights the health risks of staying out in the sun without the proper protection for too long. Heat exhaustion can kill pets when owners do not take precautions.
One of the most common mistakes by owners is leaving dogs in hot cars without allowing air to circulate. If possible, owners should never leave dogs unattended inside a vehicle, and should always leave a window wound down when they are a passenger.

Always Have a Supply of Water Available

Just as we are advised to keep a bottle of water handy for ourselves, we should also make sure to keep water available for our pets. Dog and cats will drink more than their usual amount, so be sure to check that water bowls are kept topped up.
When out and about, try and keep walks to a minimum and incorporate breaks in shaded areas. Pet Tags highly recommend carrying a bowl that you can fill with water for your pet when you take the time to sit down for a break. Do your best to make sure that they drink before setting off again.

Is Your Dog Prone to Overheating?

Various breeds of dogs are more susceptible to overheating than others, either because they are double-coated such as Labradors or small-nosed like Bulldogs and have trouble panting. Make sure that you have done your research on your breed of pet, as this will help you to know exactly what precautions to take to suit your dog.
We take the health and security of our pets seriously; whether that involves ensuring they do not overheat in the summer or making sure that they are wearing a dog tag in the unlikely case that they run off.