Lost Dog Awareness Day: Keep Them Safe

Lost Dog Awareness Day: Keep Them Safe

Many dogs are full of energy, meaning that they often run off when out on a walk. Sometimes a sudden loud noise can startle a dog, or a particularly free-spirited pooch fancies a solo sojourn the one time you forget to shut your garden gate properly. Sadly, pet thefts are also a common crime in the UK. Whatever the reason, it is never easy when a pet becomes lost.
Collars and engraved dog tags can help to reunite a lost pet with their family; it is important to be prepared in case your pet gets lost in the future.

How Can You Keep Your Pet Safe?

The best way to ensure the safety of your pet is to invest in a collar and dog tags. Aside from the fact that dogs are required by law to wear a collar with identification on when out in public places, engraved dog tags are the sensible option when it comes to pet safety and security.
Similarly, microchipping is another way to keep your pooch safe. Since the new law came into force early last year, dog owners must now ensure their pets are microchipped, and their details kept up-to-date on the official database. This makes it much easier to find, locate and reunite lost dogs with their families.

Get Prepared with Engraved Dog Tags

Lost Dog Awareness Day, on April 23rd every year, was set up with the aim of informing and educating pet owners about the importance of keeping pets safe. Established in 2013 by a US organisation called Lost Dogs of America, Lost Dog Awareness Day has only grown in popularity since then, adopted by people around the world with the aim of helping lost dogs find their way home. To date, more than 42,000 lost dogs have been reunited with their loving families, but there are many more still out there trying to find their way home.

Stay SMART this Year

Although the best way to get prepared on Lost Dog Awareness Day is with microchipping and engraved dog tags, there are also some other ways in which you can look out for the welfare of your furry friend.
Smart Tags can also help to find lost pets more quickly.  The tag can be scanned or tapped to access your pet’s online profile with all of the contact details your pet rescuer needs to find you quickly. What's more, the tag also contains other information such as medical, dietary, insurance, vet and microchip details.  You can also receive an email when the tag is scanned, showing the GPS location of your beloved pet! Everything you need to ensure your pet is returned home, safe and sound.
Nowadays, social media and word of mouth can play a major part in reuniting dogs with their owners - so make sure you have plenty of recent photos of your pet that you can share online should the worst should happen. There are plenty of groups online that are set up with the aim of helping to find and reunite lost pets with their owners, so it may be worth having a look and joining one in your local area.
You never know, you may even be able to help reunite somebody else with their four-legged friend.
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