Not Just for Christmas

Not Just for Christmas

Pet Tags Christmas is almost upon us, and for many people, the idea of buying or adopting a new member of the family (albeit a furry one!), is one that is given serious consideration. Here, at Pet Tags, we applaud the idea of pets in the home and all of their cuteness, but this is certainly a serious decision not to be taken lightly.

Are You Ready?

To prepare you for the level of commitment required, we have compiled a short check-list for any prospective dog or cat owners out there.
  1. Are you prepared to commit at least ten years of yours and your family’s life to this animal? Animals are not toys with a shelf life; they are lifelong companions, if you let them be.
  2. Do you have the time to invest in a new pooch or a kitten? Children can often lose interest when it comes to walking and feeding, so the responsibility will often lie with the parents.
  3. Do you have the money to devote to a pet? On average, each cat or dog will cost approximately £1000 a year over their lifetime, and that’s not including unplanned vet trips!
  4. Do you have enough space? Cats need room to get away from the hubbub of everyday life and dogs need outdoor space to roam around in.
  5. Does this animal fit in with your lifestyle? If you often work away, work long hours and enjoy travelling, then perhaps a cat or dog isn't for you!
  6. Do you know where to get pet tags, microchips and the correct pet food from?
If you answered the above questions positively, then good news – you’re ready to decide which pet is right for you.

Buying or Adopting?

Deciding to buy or adopt is a massive decision when it comes to acquiring a pet for your family. The joys of a new puppy or kitten are hard to match, but with the number of strays that are waiting to be re-homed across the UK at an all-time high; animal charities such as Dogs Trust, Cat Protection and RSPCA urge you to consider adopting a new cat or dog.

The First Christmas

When you finally have your new furry friend, it is important that you make sure it is registered at a veterinary surgery, has all necessary injections and immunisations and is micro-chipped for safety. After all the scary injections, it is time to treat your newest family member to their first Christmas in their forever home. Now the hard part is over, it’s time to name your new pet. There’s help to choose a pet name with personality here. If you’re wondering where to get pet tags, beds or toys from, then look no further! has a wide variety of purrrrr-fect cat ID tags and engraved dog tags for you to choose from, including their special limited Christmas pet tags:  check out the Christmas Tree dog tag, the gorgeous Snowflake pet tag and the fun Christmas Bow Tie pet tag so your pets can join in the celebrations. So, make the special moment you introduce your new pet to the rest of your family one to remember! For more styles of pet tags – fashion, glitter, bling and even Kennel Club and Crufts, please contact us and we’ll endeavour to make your pet feel right at home, from the moment they get there.