Owning a Dog Can Add Years to Your Life

Owning a Dog Can Add Years to Your Life

Owning a Dog Can Add Years to Your Life

Dogs have been the loving companions of humans since the dawn of time when our caveman ancestors roamed their lands with their faithful prehistoric hounds by their sides. Our relationships have only grown and developed as the number of different breeds have increased and now you can find dogs of all sizes and stature, from the smallest teacup Yorkie to the biggest Great Dane.

In modern society, we still love our dogs, buying them fancy personalised dog tags or treating them to matching Christmas jumpers. They make us happy, keep us busy and generally add more to our lives than we can ever begin to express gratitude for.

Dog Owners Live Longer

Over in Sweden, when academics were carrying out research into cardiovascular disease, they examined the data available from 3.4million Swedes between the ages of 40 and 80 and an interesting correlation was observed – dog owners were less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and several other causes.
The researchers didn’t speculate on the reason behind this connection. However, experts suggest it is likely due to the increased physical activity pet owners carry out on a daily basis and the increased levels of happiness pets brought to their owners.
One of the co-authors of the research stated she had previously met a man who had suffered a stroke only six months before and he had accredited his dog as the reason he was doing so well. Going on to say it was walking his dog that helped motivate him to get out of bed every day and improve his rehabilitation.
Many pet owners who have suffered illness or injury themselves would likely agree that in some large or small way, their pets helped their recovery and encouraged them to get better.

Is it All Benefits?

There are studies which confirm that owning a pet isn’t, however, all rainbows and sunshine and that some homes wouldn’t be suitable for pet ownership, which would potentially add more stress and financial worries.
Instead, families or individuals considering a pet should carefully weigh up their free time and financial responsibility to ensure they have space to welcome a new family member into their lives and are able to care for them in any event.
In particular, when it comes to dogs, they are quite dependant on us for survival, including food, companionship and efficient exercise. While all dogs are different, young or inexperienced families would need to carefully consider whether bringing a pet into their home is in the dog’s best interest. Pets are not toys, nor are they a route to being healthy and potential pet owners should make sure their lifestyle is one suitable to pet ownership before making any impulsive decisions.

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