Corrections & Replacements


If there is a mistake on your tag engraving, please first check your order confirmation which shows the exact details you submitted for engraving.  Our systems are automated and we do not change engraving details unless requested. Most mistakes occur when entering details using a mobile phone.

Wrong Size?

All tag dimensions are included in the product description and the Size Guide can also help choose the right size. If you have chosen the wrong sized tag we will be unable to replace it free of charge, but can offer you a 25% discount on a new tag. 

Wrong Tag?

If we have sent you the wrong tag, simply contact us by email, attach a photo, and we will send a replacement tag the very next day.

Faulty eZeClip?

Our eZeClips are strong and robust and should last for years.  When you receive your eZeClip, check to make sure that the spring is not loose and in good working order, and that it attaches the tag to the collar ring securely.  If it appears to be faulty in any way, contact us by email to let us know, and we will dispatch a replacement within 24 hours.

If you decide you do not want the eZeClip after you have received it, just return it, unused, for a full refund.

Our Guarantee against breakage and fading

Bling tags are guaranteed for 2 years and all other tags for 5 years, against breakage or fading.

Bling tags should not be worn while swimming or at particularly active times - keep them for special occasions and they'll look beautiful for years!

Our brass tags are solid brass which will always tarnish and may require polishing. Exposing brass tags to water will cause faster fading of laser engraving.

Rubbing on wet fur will cause tags to deterioriate more quickly.  For dogs who swim regularly we recommend stainless steel tags, the most robust metal.

Lost tag?

We do not replace lost tags as this is most often due to the lead being attached to the split ring instead of the collar ring by mistake.  If the tag is lost, and a photo shows that the spit ring is still intact, we will replace the tag.  Otherwise we can offer you a 25% discount on a new tag.

Ready to start shopping? You are sure to find the right tag for your pet from our five tag ranges and why not purchase one of our Original or Heart eZeClips in one of 6 colours, to make attaching and removing the tag easy?