Engraved Pet24 Emergency Tag

We have partnered with Pet24 whose service provides the best possible protection for your pet, if they become lost.

A Pet24 Tag will give you peace of mind if your pet should go missing. The Pet24 Tag will include your pet's unique member number and an emergency phone number that can be called 24 hours a day, to report your lost pet. The Pet24 team will help to coordinate your reunion with your lost pet as quickly as possible and will ensure that your pet receives the best care when it needs it most.

Pet24 also pay up to £1,000 in vet fees should your pet be injured while missing.

The cost of the tag and the first year's registration is normally £25, then it costs only £20 per annum to continue the service.  However, if you click here to purchase the Pet24 tag you will automatically SAVE 20% on the first year of membership.

How the Pet24 Emergency Tag works

You can also request 3 lines of engraving details on the Pet24 tag so don't forget to include your surname, house number and postcode, which are legally required.

Click here to purchase the Pet24 tag and save 20% on the first year of Pet24 membership.

    Pet24 tag