Calling all Cat Lovers

Calling all Cat Lovers

Calling all Cat Lovers

The divide between cat and dog lovers seems to be growing smaller with every passing day – because let’s face it; our furry friends are too adorable to not give them a cuddle.
This month, we celebrate not one, not two, but three days that are dedicated to our feline friends. We’ve got International Cat Day, Black Cat Appreciation Day, and Take your Cat to the Vet Day – all in August.

So, if you know a princess pussycat that loves nothing more than to sit atop her throne (bed) with her cat ID tag sparkling in the sunshine, then keep reading because this one is for you.

International Cat Day – 8th August
Cats are one of the most popular household pets– it is believed that there are approximately 500 million of them as pets around the world, so it makes sense that we have a whole day dedicated to these wonderful felines. It’s virtually impossible to go a day without seeing a cat on your travels, so it is logical for pet owners to invest in cat ID tags to keep them safe and sound.
So, why are they so popular? Stroking a cat can relieve stress and depression, so they’re good for your mental health. Growing up around cats can reduce the likelihood of contracting allergies later on in life, so they’re good for your physical health, too.
What’s more, they love to be fussed and stroked so they will actively seek out your attention. Purrs and meows all around!

Black Cat Appreciation Day – 17th August
Unfortunately, thanks to years of superstition and negative connotations, black cats are often looked over when people are looking for a new kitten or cat to join their family. But we are here to tell you to forget about superstition and embrace the black cat!
They’re every bit as cute, cuddly and slightly crazy for catnip as all the other cats. Their black fur will often have bursts of auburn and white running through it, depending on their age and the weather which makes them look as unique as can be. And who can resist staring into those striking eyes set against that soft, black fur? Not us!

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day – 22nd August
As any cat owner will know, keeping your pet safe and free from illness and pests is a constant battle; they do love to play in the long grass where the fleas are rife and climb where it isn’t always safe for them to do so, but that is just their natural instinct.
All we can do is be prepared! Keep your pet cats up to date on their vaccinations, get them treated for fleas and worms and ensure they have a healthy, balanced diet. They can sometimes wander off, so a cat ID tag is an ideal way to help get them back home as quick as possible.
It is very important that you schedule regular check-ups with the vet for your cat and don’t wait for problems to arise on their own – be proactive and keep your cat happy and in good health.
For more information about our range of regular and medical alert pet tags, please browse our website or contact our team today.

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