Luxury hotels for cats!

Luxury hotels for cats!

The late writer and veterinarian James Herriot (whose work inspired the TV series All Creatures Great and Small) once wrote "cats are connoisseurs of comfort". So it's no surprise that luxury boutique cat hotels are becoming more and more popular with higher expectations than every before.
We've found three worth looking at if your cat expects that little bit extra:
There are six Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels throughout the UK, including in St Albans, Eastergate, Pamber Heath, Amersham, Royston and Welwyn Garden City. Here is Oscar Turner, enjoying his iron bed in the Hotel in St Albans. With an 'afternoon entertainer' and an 'a la cat menu' served on bone china, Oscar might not want to go back home (though they do offer a chauffeur service which I'm sure he would enjoy).

Oscar Turner at Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel in St Albans

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel promises giving their guests the 5 star service they deserve, and a truly relaxing, stimulating and enjoyable time. Boasting 'stunning panoramic views' we do wonder whether that might be a little frustrating for their guests, but flat screen TVs showing their favourite looped footage and menus including pan fried sea bass with organic butter and steamed prawns probably keep them well distracted from the view. 

The Ings menu

The Balneath Wood boutique cat hotel in Lewes offers spa packages including the 'Golden Years Package', the 'Wellness Spa Package' and the 'Recuperation Spa Package' (following injury or surgery).  At only an additional £2 per day this seems like well worth adding to your booking!

Remember, to make sure your cat is easily identifiable and to help reunite you with your cat if he or she is lost, make sure they wear an ID tag from our special collection just for cats.  This aqua fish tag is one of the most popular.

Glitter Fish Cat Tag

Glitter Fish tag in Aqua perfect for cats!