Smart Tags for Smart Pets

Smart Tags for Smart Pets

Smart Tags for Smart Pets

In today’s digital environment, technology is becoming an increasingly relevant and ever more intelligent part of daily life. From our home life to education, careers and health, technology seems to be with us wherever we go.
But what does this mean for our pets?

Of course, dog tags for pets are far from a recent invention and engraved tags are legally required, but as technology has developed, pet tags have followed suit. The smart tags of today are a far cry from the traditional tags of yesteryear, a fact which spells good news for safety-conscious owners and mischievous pets alike!

Smart Pet Tags

Our smart tags make the perfect fit for both dogs and cats, offering a smart, safe alternative to traditional pet tags. Although smart tags are not a legal requirement, they have a wide range of benefits for both you and your pet, a fact which explains why they are becoming increasingly popular.
Pet tags range of smart tags includes a handy QR code which can be scanned in an instant with the latest smartphone cameras to provide all the necessary information about your pet. Owners of older smartphones often have a barcode reader which can be used to scan the code. However, our brand new selection of smart tags are also engravable, allowing you to include all the relevant legally-required details on your pet’s smart tag with the utmost ease. No longer will smart tag users need to have a second tag for all the additional information – thanks to technology, it can all be there in one place!


Smart Pet Products

However, for those with active or boisterous pets, the life cycle of the average pet tag can be very short. If you find yourself needing to replace your pet’s tag in a seemingly never-ending cycle, you might be interested in our new smart collar range – overcome the issue of lost or damaged tags by negating the need for one in the first place! The collars have an engravable metal plate attached, removing the need to have a traditional tag. Great news for energetic pets!
Naturally, smart dog tags for pets are not the only pet friendly technological inventions out there. There are many different ideas and concepts, some wacky and some more useful, ranging from exciting toys to practical gadgets and gizmos.

With more and more smart pet products entering the market, it can be easy to let both your life and your pet’s become reliant on technology. However, it’s important to remember that technology can’t solve everything. Sometimes, the only answer is a sofa snuggle or a walk with your pooch – just the two of you.